H.R. 4119 – Education Loan Deferment Act

H.R. 4119 – Education Loan Deferment Act

Sponsor: Rep. Lawson, Jr D-FL
Cosponsors: 4 (4D; 0R)
Introduced: 07/30/2019
NASFAA review & Coverage: This bill would expand the repayment that is six-month duration for many Federal Direct Loans to a single 12 months. Additionally freezes rate of interest on these loans with this elegance duration.

H.R. 4113 – Public Provider Takes Care Of Act

Sponsor: Rep. Horn D-OK
Cosponsors: 0
Introduced: 07/30/2019
NASFAA review & Coverage: This bill will allow borrowers signed up for the service that is public forgiveness (PSLF) program to own their loan quantities forgiven intermittently at set markers. For instance, after completing a couple of years of qualified work in addition to making on time, eligible, repayments throughout that time, the borrower would get 15% of this total quantity due on the eligible federal loans terminated. After 4 years another 15%, after 6 years another 20%, at 8 years another 20% and after decade the rest, if some of the loan quantity could be forgiven.

H.R. 4079 – succeed Act of 2019

Sponsor: Rep. Zeldin R-NY
Cosponsors: 0
Introduced: 07/25/2019
NASFAA review & Coverage: This comprehensive bill would eradicate the Direct Loan Program and rather establish an “Income Dependent Education Assistance (CONCEPT)” Loan Program. The program that is new consist of a universal income-based repayment component with automatic wage withholding due to the fact apparatus for payment.

H.R. 3926 – Consider Instructors Act

Sponsor: Rep. Visclosky D-IN
Cosponsors: 0
Introduced: 07/23/2019
NASFAA research & Coverage: This bill would correct the issues inside the SHOW grant system that permitted some grants to be accidentally converted into loans that has to back be paid with interest. The balance would require also the Department of Education (ED) to yearly, on a single date every year, offer interaction with recipients which explains the conditions and terms regarding the grant, the quantity of service ED has counted towards the recipients solution obligation, information about the quantity of interest that could accrue and therefore the receiver is going to be expected to spend if such grant is addressed as that loan along with other information that is pertinent.

H.R. 3887 – Student Loan debt settlement Act of 2019

Sponsor: Rep. Clyburn D-SC
Cosponsors: 8 (8D; 0R)
Introduced: 07/23/2019
NASFAA review & Coverage: This bicameral legislation would eradicate as much as $50,000 in education loan financial obligation for everyone with home revenues af services at $100,000 or less. The balance would mandate that any also forgiveness gotten wouldn’t normally count as taxable earnings. Utilizing information already accessible to the us government about home revenues and outstanding education loan financial obligation ED could be in a position to offer cancellation that is automatic. The bill would additionally enable student that is private to get loan termination by transforming their personal figuratively speaking to federal figuratively speaking through education loan refinancing.

H.R. 3833 – Streamlining Income-driven, workable Payments on Loans for Education (SIMPLE) Act

Sponsor: Rep. Bonamici D-OR
Cosponsors: 4 (2D; 2R)
Introduced: 07/18/2019
NASFAA review & Coverage: This bill would make an effort to assist at-risk borrowers avoid default by helping them join income-driven payment plans to enable them to repay predicated on their economic cap ability. The bill would make use of information currently on file in the U.S. Treasury to automates the process that is annual upgrading earnings information while signed up for these plans.

H.R. 3793 – Education Loan Accrual Help And Support Act

Sponsor: Rep. Horn D-OK
Cosponsors: 0
Introduced: 07/17/2019
NASFAA review & Coverage: The education loan Accrual help and support Act would reduce interest levels of all student that is federal, including PLUS programs, disbursed on or after July 1, 2020. The rate that is new be add up to the lesser of either the high yield of this 10-year Treasury note auctioned during the final auction held ahead of such June 1 or 5%.

H.R. 3792 – Guaranteeing Respite After University Ends (GRACE) Act

Sponsor: Rep. Horn D-OK
Cosponsors: 0
Introduced: 07/17/2019
NASFAA review & Coverage: For loans disbursed on or after July 1, 2020, the GRACE Act would allow loans that go into deferment not to gather interest through that time along with interest maybe not accrue for federal loans throughout the loans “grace” period before payment beings.

H.R. 3786 – Education Loan Reform Act

Sponsor: Rep. Perry R-PA
Cosponsors: 1 (0D; 1R)
Introduced: 07/16/2019
NASFAA review & Coverage: The pupil Loan Reform Act would encourage universities and colleges to cosign figuratively speaking by enabling participating organizations to provide reduced rates of interest to student borrowers.

H.R. 3751 – No Scholar Loan Interest Act

Sponsor: Rep. Swalwell D-CA
Cosponsors: 2 (2D; 0R)
Introduced: 07/15/2019
NASFAA research & Coverage: This bill, on enactment, would mandate that the Department of Education annually cancel or repay the attention for each federal education loan, and would reduce steadily the rate of interest of most federal education loan programs to 0%.

H.R. 3674 – Eliminating the Concealed Education Loan Tax Act

Sponsor: Rep. Davis D-CA
Cosponsors: 2 (1D; 1R)
Introduced: 07/10/2019
NASFAA research & Coverage: This bill, to which a friend bill ended up being introduced into the Senate in would eliminate student loan origination fees june.

S. 1947 – College for All Act of 2019

Sponsor: Sen. Sanders, Bernard I-VT
Cosponsors: 0
Introduced: 06/25/2019
H.R. 3472
Sponsor: Rep. Jayapal, Pramila D-WA
Cosponsors: 16 (0 R; 16 D)
Introduced: 06/25/2019
NASFAA research & Coverage: This comprehensive little bit of legislation would produce a program that is grant states to eradicate tuition at general public 4-year universites and colleges and tribal universities for pupils. The balance would cut interest levels and impose a pursuit price limit of 1.88percent for undergraduate, parent, and graduate borrowers, whilst also enabling borrowers to refinance loans during the present interest levels. Any extra income in the Direct Loan Program could be rerouted in to the Pell give Program. The bill would can also increase Federal Perform Study (FWS) authorized funding levels and revise the FWS allocation formula by reducing the “base guarantee” component within the formula that is current. In addition, TRIO and GEAR UP would see increases to funding that is authorized.

H.R. 3448 – pupil financial obligation Cancellation Act of 2019

Sponsor: Rep. Omar, Ilhan D-MN
Cosponsors: 8 (0 R; 8 D)
Introduced: 06/24/2019
NASFAA research & Coverage: This bill would forgive qualified student that is federal, including Parent PLUS loan financial obligation, consolidated loans, and funds addressed as loans. The balance would additionally provide for the short-term purchase and forgiveness of personal student education loans. The forgiven financial obligation would be excluded from taxable earnings.